Where the Hell Have Jesse and Greg Been?

Holy crap, true believers, it’s been over two weeks since our last posting! What on Earth happened to us, you may be wondering? Summer brain melt, for starters. We desperately needed a breather. Then, because we don’t actually know how to “relax,” we concluded that the website needed a cosmetic facelift. This facelift quickly turned into a complete redesign. A total gut job.hard_hat_jesse_and_gregAnd we have People working on this hot mess right now as we speak. But now the time has come to let you in on our intention. When we roll out the new design, we will slowly start to incorporate fresh posts and entries from other writers. By other writers, we mean writers who are not Jesse and Greg. They will not even look like Jesse and Greg. But true to form, these other writers will be locals, and they will be from all walks of life. The proverbial butcher, baker and candlestick maker, all duly represented. Worry not, as this site will still be On The Real with Jesse and Greg, and the focus on the first person experiences living in the Big Apple (served up fresh with a side of smart ass) will remain the same. For now, we’ll resume our regularly scheduled programming again. But at least now you know what we’ve been up to (and where we’re going).

We'd love to hear what you think about this one.