The Cold Weather Companion. The Zoo.

Happy Friday, people! With the weather for the weekend projected to be partly sunny and in the mid-50s, for this edition of the Companion we’d like to suggest something a tad more outdoorsy. How about the zoo? Before you knit your brows and scorn this choice, think about the kind of week you’ve had and how happy seeing frolicking monkeys might make you. Or how witnessing the community-oriented behavior of meerkats might restore your faith in the System. Think about the potentially therapeutic effects of seeing shiny sea lions do backflips for fresh mackerel.Sea Lion, mackerel, Prospect Park Zoo, weekendAnd if that doesn’t do it for you, of course there are vampire bats, poisonous toads, clown fish, red-assed baboons, man-sized snakes, ditzy llamas and God knows what else.Meerkats, Prospect Park Zoo, exhibits, animals, weekendYou don’t need to go all the way to the Bronx either, both Central Park and Prospect Park have really well-cared for little zoos with lots of indoor AND outdoor exhibits. Of course kids love the zoo, but maybe you could use a trip to see the animals this weekend yourself?Animals, kids, visit, tourism, the zoo, weekend

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