Weekend Beats. Peter Tosh.

Winter pulled a sneak attack this week, am I right? I’m already pining for warmer climes. And since I can’t board a plane this afternoon to a sunny island, there’s no choice but to import those tropical vibes sonically through reggae. The Bob Marley boxed set is pure platinum, but I’ve kind of burned it out. Burning Spear’s “Marcus Garvey” is also a favorite, but I’m feeling like we need something more lush. Steel Pulse’s “Handsworth Revolution”? Brilliant album! All reggae is political, but given the recent news cycle maybe “Handsworth” is too political for our collective mood.Weekend Beats this week is crying out for something upbeat and richly textured with real Island flavor and that’s why our recommendation to kick off the weekend has got to be Peter Tosh’s classic LP paean to Mary Jane, “Legalize It.” Gritty, unprocessed, laid-back, pitch-perfect. The whole album is worth playing, but some of my own favorite tracks are “Ketchy Shuby”, “Till Your Well Runs Dry” and the rediculously catchy “What You Gonna Do.” Here’s a fun Peter Tosh fact you can put in your pipe and smoke: although Marley unfairly tends to overshadow Tosh, when they were coming up in Trenchtown in the 60’s it was Tosh who taught Marley everything about how to play the guitar. Tosh is the man. Check him out, he’s got a message but he’s not stressin’. Follow his example. Irie.

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