The Local. Rocky Sullivan’s.

I really love my apartment, but unlike my pal Greg, I do not have any private outdoor space associated with it.  This isn’t a huge deal November through February, but during the other months it’s something that my wife and I find pretty lamentable. But lucky enough for the terrace-deprived, there are lots of options around town for outdoor fun.  There’s a little known bar on a deserted street in Red Hook named Rocky Sullivan’s that is one of our favorites.
Hidden away on the top of a very dark and cozy Irish pub is one of the best roof decks around!  You’re right near the riverfront so it has a very welcome breeze and if you go on the early side, you basically have the place to yourself.  Grab one of the long wooden tables and kick back with drinks and friends.  And here’s a tip: go on Friday at 6pm.  They have a partnership with Red Hook Lobster Pound and host an old fashioned Lobster Bake with steamed lobsters, fresh summer corn, coleslaw, potato salad, the works!

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