The Local. Jimmy’s Diner.

They tout themselves as having the best friend chicken in Brooklyn and I’m inclined to agree, but goddamn if Jimmy’s Diner in Williamsburg doesn’t have some of the best comfort food anywhere.

The burger I ordered came out thick and juicy on a soft bun with good old American cheese.  Those are buttermilk onion rings in the background that are delivered with Jimmy’s delicious homemade ranch.  I love onion rings and eat a lot of them and these perfectly crispy monsters are absolutely NOT to be missed.  Also try their ridiculously sinful homemade tater tots, any one of their hang-over helping breakfast bowls or anything fried or pork.

And to wash it all down, they make nice tall cocktails properly poured. If you’re not in a drinking mood or you’re 10, try one of their milkshakes.  This one was the black and white and the whole family spent the better part of two and a half minutes devouring it.  Jimmy’s is open everyday from 9:30 in the morning until 10 a night and they only take cash.  Give it a shot.  Jimmy’s rocks!

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