The Local. Great Pie.

Ready for a strong statement?  4 and 20 Blackbirdsin Gowanus has hands-down the best pie in Manhattan.  If you have a holiday (the caramel apple is our favorite for Thanksgiving) or special occasion and want to truly blow your friends and families minds, then pre-order any one of their amazing pies.

They also have a really charming cafe where you can sit and have a pie-by-the-slice, some hot coffee and free wi-fi.  And that’s just what I did this morning during some downtime between my appointments.  I was all set to get a slice of the Salty Honey pie and it was suggested I try the Sour Cherry instead.  ”There’s only a good two week window of the year where the cherries are sweet and perfect enough to make this pie, so you don’t want to miss it. Do you want homemade whip cream on that?”  What kind of silly question is that?

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