The Great Breakfast Sandwich Smackdown.

I love a breakfast sandwich.  Egg, meat, cheese, roll: so simple, so delicious.  Raise your hand if the $3.50 corner deli-variety of bacon/egg/cheese on a Kaiser got you through the rugged alcohol-soaked mornings of your mid-twenties.  Raise ‘em high!  It is with this reverence that we at On the Real announce our hunt for New York’s greatest breakfast sandwich, or ”The Great Breakfast Sandwich Smackdown.”  You’ve already heard about the fantastically diabolical Breakfast Burger from Mile End.  Next up: an entry from newcomer Smith Canteen, in Carroll Gardens.Born from the same culinary minds that created the refined southern delight Seersucker, the foodie folks at Smith Canteen offer up Berkshire ham, organic eggs and NY Cheddar on an everything croissant. The ham is thick, salty and delicious, the cheddar is flavorful and gooey, the eggs are fluffy… but what really puts this over the top is the everything croissant.  Buttery, flakey, and with the savory crunch of your favorite everything toppings. The croissant is pure genius.  I’d be hard pressed to think of something that would not be improved by sticking it in this croissant.  Is this the best breakfast sandwich in the city?  I’ll give it 4 out of 5 eggs.

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