The Cold Weather Companion. Gurney’s Inn.

Not only were you late getting your shit together for Valentine’s Day, you get an extra day to relax this weekend and you failed to plan for it. We were really hoping to find you some sort of a deal to get you someplace warm and sunny for not a lot, but flights are booked or expensive as hell. Nassau? Economy direct for $1,500 or you can save a whopping $500 to spend 18 hours and three transfers getting from one door to the other. Mexico? $1,200. Bermuda? $1,000 non-stop. Not going to happen. And forget about the hotels. These sharks know what they’re doing and make sure that the next few weeks are black-out dates for whatever “Book Now!” deals they’re offering. So, not to poop on your parade, but dreams of warm sunshine and boat loads of vitamin D are squarely squashed for this long weekend unless you’ve already booked.Couples getaway, gurney's inn, montauk, new york, greg mchale, jesse shafer, on the realPlease do get out of the city, though. Gurney’s Inn in Montauk is a great bet for the long weekend. It’s low key with an amazing staff, spa with a seawater pool, good food, plenty to drink and you can grab an ocean front room for as little as $265 a night and it’s dirt cheap and easy to get there. They have tons of deals right now, so you can tailor a weekend that best suits your needs. Couples massages, a nourishing rose body treatment, something firey and hot or just hole up alone or with your partner and read, read, read…or write. Best of all, you’ll get you and, maybe a whomeveraway from this smog of sick, thick and annoyed to something quiet, fresh and superbly low-key.snowy_beach, Couples getaway, gurney's inn, montauk, new york, greg mchale, jesse shafer, on the realThere’s a good chance it’ll snow out there this weekend, but screw it. Sit by a roaring fire with a fantastic glass of wine or spirit and watch the snowflakes fall on the Atlantic. If you want to get bold and cold, bundle up and go for a walk on one of the best beaches you’ll find anywhere on this warming globe of ours and let the frosty salty air reset your tuckered out and jaded mind. While you’re at it, make a snow angel in the nude and send us a picture. We’ll post it and make sure to question your intelligence. See you next Tuesday!

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