The Big Reveal. It’s a…

There’s a new baby on the way! Courtney and I will be expecting our second child this coming April, and we are thoroughly delighted. This past Friday was the 20 week marker, notable primarily because it’s the point in time where the “anatomical sonogram” is performed. Using some crazy Starship Enterprise technology, the technicians are able to measure the baby’s relevant bits on a television in real-time directly in front of you. It is a humbling and bizarre experience for sure, made even more thrilling because they can also determine your baby’s sex for the first time. Know what makes it an infinitely less thrilling experience? Having to share this incredible life-changing special moment with some dour sonogram technician. Why they are so grumpy, I have no idea.But a friend gave us the following idea, and it is brilliant: at the moment when they determine on the monitor whether the result is twig and berries or lack thereof, we avert our eyes and ask the technician to write the sex down on a card and seal it in an envelope. Then we pick a local restaurant for dinner that evening for The Big Reveal, and over dinner and drinks (well, I guess the drinks are just for me) we open up the envelope. Words cannot express how truly wonderful it is to see the magic words on the page with your loving spouse seated across with tears in her eyes…and a delicious appetizer between you. In that moment, all is right with the universe.


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