The 69th Street Transfer Bridge.

Back in the mid-nineties when I was new to exploring this city, one of my favorite places to adventure on my then roommate’s old Mongoose was along the Hudson River in the sixties and low seventies.  Just beyond the rip rap was a most amazing display of rusted, twisted and sunken steel.  A giant and forgotten erector set left to fend for itself in the brutality that is so often dealt by this sweet city of ours.

Today, the 69th Street Transfer Station (as I now know it is called) is thankfully being stabilized and restored.  Built in 1911, it was used to transfer rail cars from the West Side rail yards to barges that would carry essential goods for New York City residents and businesses to and from Weehawken.  With the waterfront of this city becoming more and more used for recreational purposes, the transfer station is an incredible ode to its industrial past.

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