Predictions. Weather Underground.

You may have already heard that there is a nor’easter coming to the New York area tomorrow. This is some seriously shitty news. The way the weather has been lately, it’s my personal opinion we need a more comprehensive look at what’s brewing than what’s available with Pat Kiernan and the “Weather on the 1s.” If you haven’t already, you should check out the incredibly detailed website Weather Underground, which was likely created initially with hard-core weather geeks and/or the wantonly indolent in mind. At this point I think it’s a terrific resource for all New Yorkers, and we should all bookmark this sucker on our browsers. On Weather Underground, you can access the same precise Doppler radar, satellite imagery and real-time weather tracking devices that guys like Roker use to determine the fickle patterns of Mother Nature. Wind speed, rainfall, barometric pressure: it’s all there on dozens of different real-time maps. A particularly good one is the “Wundermap” option, which allows you to animate a given weather pattern so you can see the speed and direction it is heading. Compared to Sandy, hopefully this storm will be a tempest in a teapot, but let’s all be prepared. Fool us once…

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