OTR Presents. Scout Regalia Patio Garden.

Here’s a thoughtful gift for your favorite wanna-be-green-thumbed New Yorker: the Scout Regalia patio garden kit. Perfect for smaller outdoor spaces like a city balcony or fire escape, these kits are an easy way for an urban gardener to get some green things growing fast.urban gardener, garden, wanna-be, Jesse shafer, greg mchale, jesse and greg, on the real, nyc travel, nyc restaurants, new york city, manhattan, Brooklyn, tourism, nyc bars, nycThe freestanding raised garden bed was designed so it rests above the surface of your floor and is lined with a recycled drainage textile to help the soil aerate and plants to breathe. Constructed with certified redwood planks, it’s only going to get more handsome as it gets weather-beaten. And the kicker is it comes fully assembled, so all they need to do is add dirt, seeds and love.

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