The Local. Sunny’s Florist.

For years out and about in the East Village, I’ve noticed this curious little florist hanging off the side of the magazine and smoke shop at the corner of East 6th and Second Avenue. I’ve seen it open during the day as well as when I’m coming home pretty late into the night. Like midnight late…which is not really that late. BUT, what florist stays open until midnight?!? Sunny’s Florist does and its proprietor, Sun Ja Hwong, is kind of brilliant at what she does. Lesa, Lu and I were walking home from dinner at Mermaid (fail) Saturday night and, for the first time, we picked up this bundle of loveliness for a whopping 10 bucks. Score!sunny's florist, east village, second avenue, east 6th street, flowers, flower arrangementsAccording to The Times, Ms. Hwong sees herself as the “mother of flowers” and it shows. This lady isn’t about the over-the-top ridiculous floral concoctions you’d see at your cousin Gino’s wedding in Cliffside Park. Nope. She keeps it low key and super tasteful with exquisitely put together arrangements of roses, hyacinths, hydrangeas and tulips mixed in with some gorgeous and green leafy things. And the kicker is she plants a few buds in each bouquet, so while other batches of flowers you’ve picked up for your darlin’ over the years would be rotting in the trash after a day or two, Ms. Hwong’s remain a stunning, week-long reminder to your sweetheart of how goddamn excellent you are for choosing a gift as ridiculously beautiful and smart-looking as this. So next time you’re close, go buy something at Sunny’s Florist. Totally worth it, even if you have to sidetrack for a block or three.

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