Staycation. The Bowery Hotel.

It’s no secret that life in this town is stressful. Add a wife, 2 kids, a coupla canines, a hamster named Roberta and a whole pile of green things that need to get watered and…Holy Shit! That’s my reality, and as amazing as it is, you’ve got to take time every now and again to rediscover what got you there in the first place…a fantastic helping of thrown caution to the wind and one helluva woman. Lesa and I pulled that time out of our hats last weekend with a carefully coordinated visit from Grandma and a check-in to the oft-dreamt-about Bowery Hotel for a much-needed STAYCATION.bowery hotel, staycation, bowery,

Ever since The Bowery Hotel opened a few years back, we’ve been meaning to book a weekend away from the everyday to actually enjoy our city as tourists… and it is completely embarrassing when I think about how many times we talked about it or intended to book it and did not. So, last weekend we made it happen in celebration of our anniversary. I checked in early on my way to work and dropped of a bottle of Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado to enjoy after the workday ended just down the street. At five, we met in room #1003, kicked off our shoes and poured ourselves a drink in front of this huge window overlooking the streets we’ve called home for the last 20 years. It was a bona-fide treat to catch up about our day, our week, our lives without the constant “Mom! Dad! Mommy! Mom, Mom, Mom! Daddy!” It was so quiet. We could hear each other think and laugh and actually get through a thought without the aforementioned chant of the children. For the entire weekend, people waited on us instead of the reverse. We ordered room service, slept in, read the paper (the real paper with ink on it), we got massages, we walked around the city, we went out to dinner without worrying what time we had to relieve the sitter…we enjoyed each other and New York City. It wasn’t a trip to Mexico or the Swiss Alps, but what a fantastic trip it was just a few blocks from our stoop (and without the headaches associated with getting there.) This year, over 50 million tourists will travel to New York City to enjoy its personality and eccentricities. Last weekend, Lesa and I were two of them and what a fine town it is to visit on a balmy January weekend.

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