Project Nursery.

This time next week, I’ll have a new baby. What a strange, incredible concept! One day, no baby. Next day, baby. I sound dumb, right? I am dumb. Even though I’ve been through this before, I can’t seem remember anything. And how will this new arrival impact living in my two bedroom apartment? I know people all over the city do this all the time, but it seems like a game of Jenga to me. Initially it’s easy, since for the first couple of months he’ll sleep in a bassinet in our bedroom. Then what? I have no idea. I mean, I guess he’ll room with Eve. Hopefully she’ll be excited about that and not dangle spit loogies on his head while he sleeps. But how to set it all up? The truth is that I don’t think about it, but Courtney cares and she’s 17 months pregnant, so I need to find a way to speak her language on this. I need to care. Who better to help me solve this logistical conundrum but the Internet? I started looking online to see how apartments can be reconfigured with two kids in a room and I stumbled across Project Nursery. kids room, nyc, project nurseryCool site, lots of splashy photos, good ideas to steal. So, when Courtney emails a couple of links asking which bedspread I like the best, the truth is that I don’t really know. It’s not that I don’t care, but…I don’t. So she gets a lame answer, “I like them equal amounts, honey.” Come on, even I know how ridiculous I sound when this amazing woman is looking for some sort of real engagement while trying to get her mind off the eight-pound basketball in her belly. So, on Project Nursery, I can search for rooms that have cool shit in them. Instead of telling Courtney that I would prefer to ‘dude’ it up a little while keeping Eve’s girly stuff in the mix, I can show her some stuff. Seems we can get Angelina Ballerina on one side, Iron Man on the other. Compromise! Because I know there’s no way I’m ever going to have the room decorated with x-wings and TIE fighters. Sigh.DEATH STAR

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