EPISODE 4. Gramercy Park.

Oh, to live on Gramercy Park! For over 180 years, a Gramercy Park address has inspired excitement and longing in countless generations of real estate obsessed New Yorkers. Steeped in romance and tradition, this tucked-away jewel-of-a-garden has regally borne witness to endless city intrigues, politics, and scandals. In a city where the landscape shifts before your very eyes, Gramercy Park remains staunchly and unapologetically the same as it ever was. Private. Beautiful. Insular. Desirable. Not a bad racket for one square block of fenced in greenery. For all these reasons and more, we decided to focus our lens on this remarkable neighborhood where the glory of New York City’s past stands shoulder to shoulder with the present. And we’ll bring it all to you in less than four and a half minutes running time! We hope you enjoy it.

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We earn our living selling New York City. The next day is never like the last. The last is never ordinary. We witness all sorts. We listen to the City’s noise. We devour its phenomenal food. On the Real is our documentary. It is your pack of unfiltered New York 100s.