OTR Presents. Pickles-Every-Month Club.

Food or drink subscription packages always make solid presents. I really can’t imagine there’s anyone out there who is bummed out to discover they’ve been gifted a wine or cheese of the month club. And if you’re looking for a tasty variation off the beaten path, then check out the Pickles-Every-Month Club that my wife Courtney found offered on the fantastic indie food site, New York Mouth.pickles, new york mouth, pickles every month, food club, foodie, giftBefore you think, “Pickles, you say! Only a pregnant lady would want a year long supply” you must understand that these aren’t just your garden variety wonder bread n’ butter cukes. We’re talking about any number of locally sourced crunchy vinegary veggies, from pickled beets to pickled fennel to pickled carrots to pickled cauliflower and on and on. Each and every month, you’ll get three surprise jars of pickles from New York’s finest and undoubtedly bearded local pickle artisans. With the Pickle-Every-Month Club you can help your loved ones revel in being sour not just for the holidays, but the whole year long.

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