OTR Presents. The Sock Hop.

I’m a terrible sock buyer. I’m the guy who would prefer to just hit Kmart every few months for eight packs of classic white tubes. First problem is when you have to take off your shoes because this evening’s holiday party host is a germaphobe, you kind look like a schlub in those things. Second problem is when you get home, your wife thinks the same thing.Here’s your Smelly Ugly Sock Rectification Solution. The Sock Hop on Elizabeth Street. The Nasserbakht brothers curate this amazing collection focusing on real craftmanship from heel to toe. The socks are carefully organized by gender, color and pattern. You can go completely conservative or wildly not. The Sock Hop also has a custom shirt maker on site. Measurements are taken and your pattern is cut and stored right there in the shop. You can go in at any time, choose whichever fabric is working for you in that particular season and have your completely custom shirt draped over your shoulders in about a week. We love how these brothers are keeping it old school in one of the country’s most historic neighborhoods. Whether your profession requires you to dress for work each day or you simply fancy good, old-fashioned bespoke dandy-ness, at The Sock Hop you’ll be sure to find a way to communicate your inner extrovert.  By way of sock, or by way of shirt.

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