Mondays with Lu. Art & music times one hundred.

Rainy mornings are tough when you have a 2.7 year old twerp to entertain and there is no better solution on said mornings than CMA, which we have given a shout out to before.

What we have not given is a well deserved shout out to Annie Moor, who is one of the teaching artistsand the ONLY solution for music time at CMA.  This fine lady from Texas is a rock star to these kids!  The level of enthusiasm and talent is unreal and we are so happy to know this amazing teacher and friend.  Lu cannot wait to see her every single time we go.  Hellos and good-byes are always in the form of big giant hugs.  So fun!

After our medley of tunes and messy fingers, we headed over to Hundred Acres on MacDougal Street for some seriously good Jesus’ Meatballs topped with creamy grits and ricotta.  Great service, great food, and a great conversation with this little mouth full of meatball whose company I was privileged to enjoy.

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