The Local. Luke’s Lobster.

Everybody knows that Luke’s Lobster makes one of the best, if not THE best lobster roll in NYC, but last week they rolled out something a little different. The Lobster Grilled Cheese. I was in there to grab one of those sweet and amazing rolls when I saw a fellow patron’s basket with something grilled and cheesy inside. I politely inquired what it was only to find out that they had just put this looks-like-mom-made-it creation on the winter menu earlier that day. I went for it.Jesse shafer, greg mchale, jesse and greg, on the real, nyc travel, nyc restaurants, new york city, manhattan, Brooklyn, tourism, nyc bars, nyc, luke's lobster, lobster roll, lobster grilled cheeseOh man, this sandwich was amazing! They take Luke’s succulent lobster meat and some Gruyère cheese then grill them up between two good old-fashioned buttery slices of white bread. This decidedly low/high brow combination makes for one hell of a party in your mouth. I had mine with a cup of their delicious seafood chowder and a Maine Sarsaparilla Soda and I’m seriously craving that combination again as I write these words. I’m not going to trade the Lobster Grilled Cheese every time for my cherished Lobster Roll at Luke’s, but I am certainly going to alternate while it’s on their winter menu. And if you haven’t tried Luke’s Lobster, you must. They keep it simple, fresh and so damn good in everything they do. And, goddamn! They are up to nine locations now! Seems like they just opened their first on East 7th Street yesterday.

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