The Local. Burger Joint.

Behind and unassuming curtain and a set of worn velvet ropes in the lobby of Le chic Parker Meridien hotel is an establishment that serves up of the best feet-on-the-ground no b*** s*** burgers in the city.

There is almost always a line to get into the crazily downscale Burger Joint where you’ll get your paws on one of their juicy gems. The place is packed with just about every language on the face of the planet and the walls are covered in old movie posters, hand scribbled notes and the ubiquitous signed celebrity headshots.  The pricing gets me every time.  $6.89 for a burger. $7.35 for a cheeseburger. $5.51 if you want anything on them. $1.38 for fries or a whole pickle. $5.05 for a cup of beer or red wine. And the priceless note at the end of the menu, “If you don’t see it, we don’t have it!” This one is a classic and worth the wait as long as the line hasn’t made it through the lobby and onto the street.

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