We’d like to take this opportunity to thank and salute all the city employees and neighborhood volunteers out there working hard to make things right after the hurricane. And there’s no question that when the going gets tough, coffee is a critical wingman. We are lucky in this fair city to have access to some of the best bean blends around, and we’ve assembled a list of our New York favorites for when a java jones strikes. (And there’s no shame in having a third cup.)Supplier: Oren’s Daily Roast
Blend: NYC Blend.
Profile: “A tough resilient blend. Full, rich body and subtly sweet, with huge aroma.”

Supplier: D’Amico
Blend: Red Hook Blend.
Profile: “Blended with three of the richest coffees in the world. Roasted in the European tradition to produce a strong, assertive drink with long aftertaste.”

Supplier: Union Market
Blend: Williamsburg Blend.
Profile: “Roasted in the New York style – darker than American roast, lighter than Viennese – for full body and flavor.”

Supplier: Gorilla Coffee
Blend: Blendimentosis
Profile: “Our Signature blend. We change it frequently but are always on the pursuit of compiling a flavor profile that is balanced and sweet.”

Supplier: Strongtree
Blend: Midnight Mollie
Profile: “Rich, smoky, dark and powerful blend of smooth caramel -chocolaty Indonesian and sweet fruity Ethiopian beans presented in a most assertive French roast. Not for the timid.”

What’s your favorite? Let us know.

UPDATE!!! How could we have ever forgotten this one?

Supplier: MUD
Blend: Mudtruck Blend
Profile: “Pure New York City Fuel. Beautifully Rounded, Sweet Cherries, Rich Cocoa. Intensely Flavorful Daily Brew.”

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