Concerts. Jack White.

We had a fun outing on Sunday night with the wives to see Jack White at Radio City Music Hall. Greg & Lesa have been to his live show before, but Courtney & I had never seen him. And now that I’ve seen him live, I’d hazard the statement that Jack White rocks harder than anyone else out there right now! Whipping through musical genres as diverse as metal, country honk, bluegrass, folk and blues, Jack ripped through his latest album as well as the hits and b-sides from his classic stuff.The band is incredibly tight, focused and totally unpredictable: sometimes assaulting with raging brute force, other times creating a prairie campfire intimacy. On this tour, he’s got two different band ensembles that back him and alternate nightly: either the all-male Buzzards, or the all-female Peacocks. For our show, the Peacocks were in full effect and it’s impossible to miss how much they all enjoy playing together. It not only sounds kick-ass, it looks like a lot of fun. (As an aside, we were particularly impressed by the fiddle-player… Never seen an electric guitar and a violin duel on a blistering solo before, that was a first for me.)The crowd was totally into the show, and were on their feet going nuts all night long (as opposed to the night before, when the audience was apparently an ”NPR convention.”) I like knowing there’s musical artists out there who could give two shits about convention, who innovate, and put on a show where the music is what ultimately matters. And that’s a Jack White show for you. All in all, a great night out!

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