The Pour. McClure’s Bloodies.

I really love a good Bloody Mary!  Rumored to have been invented as a hangover helper in 1921 at the famed Harry’s New York Bar (where Papa hung out), the Bloody Mary is a cocktail with robust personality.  Everyone who makes them has their own spin.  I do have my own involved recipe (shortlist: crudite and cornichon, Clamato and Old Bay rims) and I think it can take on most challengers.  I scorn pre-made versions as hack imposters.  It’s OK, you can call me what I am: a Bloody snob.So it was with tremendous surprise that I had one of the most incredible Bloody Marys last night (they aren’t just for brunch) and it happened to come… pre-made… in a jar.  It’s created locally by the folks at McClure’s, who make some of the most crisp and delicious pickles ever, so I had a hunch it might be solid, but wow.  They use their own spicy house pickle juice in the mix, along with fresh dill and cucumber juice and it is stone guaranteed to blow your mind.  You can get it through FreshDirect, too, so I advise you do so immediately. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in gallon jugs.  Salut!

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