Renovate. The Bean Pad.

Life in New York City presents itself with many rites of passage. Sharing a shoebox apartment with too many people. Being sprayed by a puddle-chasing taxicab on a cold and rainy day. Getting mugged. But there is one that only a few choose to endure. To renovate an apartment. In this crazy town with our co-op and condo boards, managing agents and building inspectors, renovating can be a recipe for fueled-by-rage confrontations with everyone from contractors to ConEd dispatchers.

So our good friend, painter, commercial director, video game character and generally nifty guy,Kevan Bean, is about to jump into this sea of hungry sharks head first. He bought a sweet pad on Bowery a few months ago. The location is among the best, the views are ridiculous and it’s a good space…the only problem here is the vanilla quotient. While good quality, the kitchen is a little boring. The floors are developer specials. One closet is in a weird place and the ones in the master need help. So we’re going to embark on the good Mr. Bean’s journey with him. We’re going to follow along at key stages of what he hopes will be the “manning up” of his character-challenged home. Buckle your tool belts and let’s get going!

This is the oh-so-blah living room and soon-to-be-spruced-up and reconfigured kitchen.

A reverse shot of the living room with sick views looking west over Nolita and Soho. More on those in a different post.The closets are just big empty boxes in the weird hallway that leads to the master bath.Said master bath that is not getting completely re-done, but will be fired up a little with some glass and hardware switches.Next stop…demolition. Can’t wait for that one! We’re hoping next week. Stay tuned.

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