Concerts. Louis CK.

About 6 years ago for my birthday my wife and some friends took me to Caroline’s for some laughs. That night, a relatively unknown comic named Louis CK was headlining. We’d seen and enjoyed a short-lived sitcom he had on HBO called “Lucky Louie,” but other than that we had no expectations. He totally killed it. We were rolling in the aisles and it was all the more hilarious because we were sitting in the front row and he started to rag on our pal Billy. It was totally pee your pants funny, especially this filthy bit. I became a fan instantly. And I’ve enjoyed watching Louis’s meteoric rise the past couple of years, because he’s clearly a wildly talented guy and success doesn’t seem to have changed him much. His plan to circumvent Ticketmaster so fans can see his act live for only $45 is subversive, “why hasn’t anyone done this before?!” genius.So I was psyched for the opportunity to attend his concert last night at the NY City Center with the promise of all new material. High expectations this time out, but he delivered the goods! I want to share some of the laughs with you, but writing out extended jokes will do them no justice because the delivery is key. It may suck, but I’ll try anyway. Here’s a couple of bits that we were laughing about afterward at the bar… With regard to our collective obsession with camera phones: ““You know, when you put that thing down, the resolution is unbelievable.” The incredible boob-seeking properties of the male elbow in a packed subway car is not our fault because, “men love tits more than we are good people.” Fat and ugly and can’t get ladies? Just play the long game and wait it out, because she will eventually start running low on options: “Wait for her circumstances to match your looks.”  And a new Carlin-esque bit called “Of course… But maybe.” It goes something like this:  “Of course we should all go out of our way to protect people with peanut allergies … but maaaaybe if touching a nut will kill you, you deserve to die.”  And of course there are moments where you feel bad laughing at some of the darker jokes in Louie’s live comedy show, but maaaaybe you just go ahead and laugh anyway.

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