Sunday night was a great night to be a parent.  We took the 9.8 year old to see his first rock concert and favorite band Terminal 5.  The severe tweaking was formidable, putting it mildly.

Our family is fortunate enough to have these very talented and kind bunch of guys for friends and Jack’s sister and Nate’s better half, sweet amazing Miss Rachel Antonoff, made sure that our Cavan had the full VIP treatment with amazing seats just over the stage.  It was an absolutely incredible vantage point to watch them play what seemed to be every song off the 1st album, Aim and Ignite as well as their smash hit new work of genius, Some Nights.

New York crowds are notoriously tough, but this was one was bananas.  It seemed like every person in the audience knew every word to every song and felt the very strong desire to scream every syllable out at the top of their lungs. Kinda fantastic!  My wife’s throat still hurts!

At the end of the show, we were ushered backstage to a celeb-packed greenroom where we all got to say hello to the guys.  Sir Cavan was was left positively elated watching the aftermath of a gift that his idols…his friends…had just delivered to him in the form of one of the best shows anyone will ever see live.  Thank you, Rachel.  Thank you, boys.  It has been so much fun watching you soar!

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