Rockaway Beach.

It’s Labor Day weekend and traffic is sure to be a bitch started at around noon on Friday. We’re avoiding it all and taking the A train to Rockaway Beach. This wide swath of sand is only a 45 minute ride from the West 4th Station in the Village, so if you’re not already firmly planted on the beach in Montauk or some glassy body of H²O in the Berkshires, it’s about the best and cheapest bet for cooling off on what is sure to be a scorcher of a weekend.

It may be a little more crowded than your usual getaway in Southampton, but so what…it’s a clean beach…on the ocean…within the five boroughs. And for food, there are bunches of options. Check out Caracas (of East 7th Street and Grand Street in Brooklyn fame), Motorboat and the Big Banana and Ripper’s an offshoot of Roberta’s in Williamsburg.  Here’s a link to Rockaway Beach Club for the full list. Have an amazing weekend!!!

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