Renovate. The Bean Pad.

If you want to know how much fun it is to renovate, just ask our good friend, Kevan Bean. He’ll tell you it’s a complete nightmare. He bought his place back in July and started this whole insane process when the place looked like this….basically, just run-of-the-mill developer finishes with half way decent kitchen that unnecessarily jutted too far out into the living room and a completely uninspired dressing area in the room, renovate, the bean pad, kevan bean, greg mchale, jesse shaferSo why the hell did he buy it? A little massaging and it actually is a really amazing space with incredible light and a little outdoor space overlooking the Lower East Side and its bridges to Brooklyn. On paper, a worthwhile project especially if all was done by the end of 2012. This is how the renovation is looking as of January 6th, room, renovation, the bean pad, kevan bean, greg mchale, jesse shaferOy! The super has now locked the construction crew out of the apartment on at least one occasion, the contractor who is never there seems to think that a three hour work day for his guys is a full one, the new floors that got picked were out of stock, the new ones have had to be re-sanded and re-finished twice and Kevan has had to right crooked light switches, radiators and cabinet doors just about every time he stops by for a visit.hallway, renovate, the bean pad, greg mchale, jesse shaferNobody seems to want to do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it and certainly nobody will take credit for mistakes made. Worst of all, as those mistakes happen, a hard and absolute budget gets squeezed. When things cost more money than originally promised, compromises need to me made.renovation, kevan bean, the bean pad, greg mchale, jesse shaferSo not only is Kevan having to go through the considerable headache of a fairly sizable renovation, he’s not going to get the product that he originally envisioned and paid for. Sounds like fun, huh? He’s supposed to be in there by the end of February. Bets anyone? At least those views aren’t going anywhere!!!

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