Yes.  Really.  I had the opportunity yesterday to check out spectacularly priced twin penthouses at The Aldyn on the Upper West Side.  The apartments were nice…big….5700 square feet, six bedrooms, eight and a half baths, views, this….

It just so happens that these sprawling beauties are being used for the 2012 Kip’s Bay Boys and Girls Club 40th Annual Decorator’s Showhouse.  The 4000 square feet of terraces they each have are what blew me away.  Stunning views up and down the Hudson River and Midtown.  Quite possibly the best place on the west side to have a quiet sunset drink with your better half or with a gaggle of friends and hangers on.  Especially sitting next to this.

Yes, each apartment has a private pool.  A big private pool. An here’s the shameless shill best part….they can be yours for $16,000,000 and/or $17,000,000.  We’re happy to schedule a viewing at any time.  Seriously.

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