Radio On The Real. St. John Frizell.

More often than not, we find that change can be the most profound at the local level. Whether New York City or Laredo, it’s typically the actions of a concerned few who live in and love their towns that define the collective future for that place. This is why we were excited to sit down with St. John Frizell last week. St. John makes a seriously mean cocktail, but he’s also the owner of Red Hook mainstay, Fort Defiance. Aptly named, Fort Defiance began life as a widely enjoyed café/bar/restaurant on Van Brunt Street, but in the devastation following Hurricane Sandy, it became something even bigger…a leader and champion of the Restore Red Hook movement. A fantastic storyteller with a great life story, St. John gets real with us about the restaurant business, why the Third Place matters, and the bright future of Red Hook.

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Thanks to portrait photographer Craig LaCourt for the iconic photo of St John!

5 thoughts on “Radio On The Real. St. John Frizell.

  1. Working at Fort Defiance changed my life. St John and his staff are like family to me now. When I am homesick, it is not for my apartment nor my city..but for Burger Night at The Fort with a baby on my hip, espresso dust in my hair and Big Star on the radio. All of New Orleans now is like Red Hook, so I am glad I am here. Come visit sometime, Red Hook.

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  3. The bar on 23rd Street that you’re reaching for in the interview is Live Bait. There is only one Bait & Tackle. Literally and figuratively. ;)

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