Radio On The Real. Schatzie the Butcher.

We recently sat down in the studio to talk with a man called Schatzie. He’s a kick-ass, pure butcher by trade and the very definition of a New York character. Schatzie’s been slicing, carving and pleasing discerning palates for 50 years, and by die-hard carnivore standards, is akin to royalty.  You see, Schatzie’s father was a butcher. And Schatzie’s father’s father was a meat master in the Old Country. So friends, this is a man who knows everything there is to know about prime meat. And having observed his customers from behind the butcher block for half a century, he also knows a thing or two about psychology. A self-declared old-school New York original, we had a blast rapping with Schatzie about everything from his days growing up on the Grand Concourse to butchering bear legs…the RIGHT way to cook a steak to his appreciation of broads…yeah, them…and don’t get him started on how so-called celebrity butcher “burger blends” are fulla crap …but have some damn genius marketing. Oh, and we also got schooled on the majesty of Sinatra b-sides and why they’re, hands down, the bomb. When Schatzie’s holding court, you definitely want to sit back and shut up. Don’t be a schmuck and miss this one! Press play below, or download on iTunes for free on the go.

Portrait of Schatzie by Craig LaCourt for On the Real.


7 thoughts on “Radio On The Real. Schatzie the Butcher.

  1. Schatzie,
    Enjoyed your interview. As always, you are full of shit as a Christmas goose. Hope you and Aileen are doing well. I am 21 days into retirement and enjoying it. We have bought a little farm in northwest Arkansas and will be moving soon. Come down and see us and I will “carry my car” to pick you up. Take care and we are thinking of both of you.


  2. Schatzie you brought me down memory lane remembering the old neighborhood with real butchers! An (almost) lost art that you are keeping alive! God bless you and your meat!

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