Radio On The Real. Rachel Antonoff.

Last week, we had the opportunity to sit down with one of the brightest and most refreshing darlings of the fashion world out there today or any day…the one, the only, the fantastically hilarious and as-of-last-Monday-morning heavily cornrowed, Rachel Antonoff. This lady rocks. She’s not afraid to call it as she sees it, reveal a secret or two about her brother Jack when he was 15, give us all some tips on how to manage our phones while walking and her feelings on New Yorkers and their relationships with ambulances rushing their patients to the hospital.

Photo by Daniel Silbert.

On a personal note from the Greg part of this duo, my wife Lesa has handled public relations for G.H. Bass & Co. for the last five or so years. Several seasons ago, just prior to Fashion Week she got a call. “Hello. This is So and So from Rachel Antonoff and she would like to use Bass shoes in her upcoming show which is set to be a murder mystery mock-up at the Lafayette House on such and such a date.” Rachel’s company being relatively new, my wife had no idea who Rachel Antonoff was and brushed it off. But that person (who was actually Rachel herself!) kept calling. And, something about her “sweet determination” charmed my wife to the point that, as Lesa describes it, she’d “do absolutely anything for the girl.” After several highly entertaining email exchanges they decided to get together for coffee. If you’ve ever had the privilege of meeting Ms. Antonoff, you know that she’s one of those rare individuals for whom one basically feels love at first sight, so naturally Lesa was drawn to her creativity, charm and character. Long story short, Rachel got the shoes for her show and ended up collaborating with Bass women’s designer Anita Da Silva on a capsule collection with Bass called Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff (now entering its fifth season). Thanks to Ms. Antonoff’s tenacity and drive we scored a great friend and the fashion world scored some killer new kicks.

Thanks to Daniel Silbert for the charming portrait of Rachel. There are many many more fantastic shots at

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