Radio On The Real. Justin Popovics.

Personal Training. Beauty Pageants. Health and fitness. Public Relations. Throw all that in a high-speed blender with a good helping of glitter running through the veins and you have New York City’s own Justin Popovics. We sat down recently in the studio to talk to Justin about the emotional journey from his early days growing up in Syracuse to the mainstage of the Big Apple and everything in between. Fun, smart and original, J.P. gives us a conversation to remember. Werrrrrrrk that Northeast Pivot!

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Portrait of Justin Popovics in neon-banana platforms on cobble-stoned Crosby Street by Craig LaCourt.

12 thoughts on “Radio On The Real. Justin Popovics.

  1. Could this guy be any more real? Educated and life-experienced!! What an inspiration and role model. Time to weeeerrrrrkkkkk and just do you everyone!!!

  2. What an incredible interview! Justin is truly inspiring and genuine and it shows even through solely audio content. Kudos to him for impacting others on his incredible journey through REAL testimonial. Would love to hear more on other subjects in the future! Round 2 anyone?!!!!

  3. What an outstanding human being. Bold and brassy but open and honest all at one time. This man has the potential to be a real life role model to so many lost gay teens out there and proof that it really does “gets better.” The Trevor Project would be elated to learn of him.

  4. This makes me want to turn back time and be a pageant girl just so I could work with this sparkly personality!

  5. I love your Candidness! JP your an inspiration honey!!! Keep giving us LIFE! I’m still LMAO about the “rhino ass”! Great interview! Werk!!!!

  6. JP thank you for showing everyone that being comfortable in your own skin reflects in how you treat life and others. Your honesty, compassion, and passion are your most amazing attributes! Keep doing what you do best…motivating others! LOVED the interview!!!! Kisses, MLK

  7. One of the most amazing individuals I have ever met, and certainly selfless about giving his time, advice, and love to others. Thanks for passing on your amazingness to those around you and knowing that there is one soul out there who will hear this and truly be touched enough to be spared. Keep werking it!!!!!! xoxo

  8. Thank you for sharing your story with the world, Justin! The work that you have accomplished is inspirational and I hope that I can be half as sexy and confident as you are in your heels. You are truly one-of-a-kind. I’m thinking you have a career in radio- love your warm, velvety, chocolate, purr of a voice!

  9. This guy has got some good advice! I’m glad he was kind enough to work with the candidates for Miss New York 2013 during their workshop in Staten Island. My daughter came home and was telling us about JP and how he’s got all the stage moves, etc. He’s so right when he says, “Be your best at every single moment!” Indeed that’s good advice to live by. Thanks JP for sharing your talent! Keep WERRRRRKING it! ~ TMB

  10. What an awesome and real individual. I wish we had a million more like him but I guess the fact there’s not is what makes him so wonderful. Keep being amazing. WERK

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