Radio On The Real. Holter Graham.

Waging war against cancer is, by most accounts, the battle of a lifetime and Holter Graham’s fight with leukemia is no exception. The difference here is that Holter himself is telling the story and anyone who knows Holter knows that this man can talk.

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This is a cringe-inducing, laughter-invoking hour filled with brutally honest insight and a few gross-out moments from a warrior whose experiences range from growing up as a child actor in Baltimore, to sneaking into a late night movie with Emilio Estevez in rural North Carolina to having one painful push-up signal the beginning of the journey he’s on to this day. We caught Holter just a few days before he left for Houston to undergo a grueling bone marrow transplant in order to rid his body…once and for all…of the disease that has come very close to killing him on three separate occasions.  If you’re going to listen to the story of anyone’s struggle with cancer, then this is one you shouldn’t miss. Holter Graham tells it just like it is, but in a way we think inspires and encourages to the core. If you want to dig deeper into Holter’s three-year struggle, check out his blog

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  1. Great interview Greg and Jessie. thanks for giving voice to Holter’s words – so much love for Holter and Neela. He’s had a piece of my heart ever since we met after Overdrive and he always will. Pulling for both of them today and every day!

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