OTR Presents. Obscura.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…12 sets of eye balls, 11 ancient scarabs, 10 bags of marbles, 9 pairs of spectacles, 8 feral squirrels, 7 sets of cuff links, 6 vintage deer hooves…obscura, antiques, oddities, Jesse shafer, greg mchale, jesse and greg, on the real, nyc travel, nyc restaurants, new york city, manhattan, Brooklyn, tourism, nyc bars, nycFIIIIVE BONY TOOOOOOOOOES…4 bats in resin, 3 deer heads, 2 turtle shells and some birdies in a bell jar. Obscura. One stop oddball shopping for the Addams side of your family.

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