OTR Presents. In God We Trust.

And the winner of the best gift for the girl-who-has-everything (especially a wicked sense of humor)…IS…A…Sweet Nothing pendant from In God We Trust.  These little rascals will turn the frown upside down on even the most jaded Grinchette. At first glance, the beveled gold heart ornament on a dainty gold chain seems innocent enough.  But on closer inspection of the delicate heart’s engraving, you’re assaulted by a fine, “HOW DO YA DO?!”

in god we trust, sweet nothings, fuck off, brass, gold, pendant, gold chain, nyc, necklace, charms, new york city, jesse shaver, greg mchale, jesse and greg, on the real, on the real ny, realIn God We Trust, our friends. In God We Trust! And, in addition to the above-pictured expletive, they have a shitload of other hysterical pre-engraved phrases on one of these seemingly innocent charms.  Willing & Able, Hot Mess, Blah blah blah, Bless This Mess, Lucky Bitch, Really (Effing) Cute, TAKEN, Crazy Sexy Cool, Wonderbuns, Big Butt and A Smile, One Sick Bitch and NOPE are just a few examples of the PG messages tattooed on these diminutive temperaments of brass. If you want to get more authentic, an extra ten bucks will get you any slogan that’ll fit on the charm. And whether it’s your choice of words or theirs, one thing is for sure…you’ll get a chuckle next time you’re close enough to get a glimpse of these fine and delectable dictums.

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