OTR Presents. Economy Candy.

If you happen to live downtown and didn’t escape to Uptown, Upstate or your buddy’s new townhouse in Fort Greene, you are fully aware that Halloween was a complete wash…especially if you live in a flood zone. Normally, Halloween = shitloads of candy, so you missed out this year whether you’re a kid or just a die-hard sweets monger. No missing out any more! This year, Christmas + Hanukkah + every other holiday celebrated right around now = the previously referred to…shitloads of candy. That’s it!Your only stop to procure said shitloads is Economy Candy on Rivington Street. This place has everything from Charleston Chews to 12-packs of Pop Rocks. Bottle Caps to Astro Pops. You can buy M&M’s, gum balls, Jelly Bellies and rock candy by the pound or your favorite chocolate by the slab. Even if you hate candy, you have to check this place out. There is nothing else like it. Economy Candy is a true Lower East Side institution.

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