OTR Presents. Breuckelyn Distillery.

Get Dad what he really wants this year for the holidays: a really stiff drink. But not just any drink will do! Show old Dad that you really care by getting him some of Brooklyn’s finest small batch rye whiskey. Our personal favorite is the 77 Whiskey from Sunset Park’s own Breuckelyn Distilling. Only the second distiller to open in New York State since before Prohibition, every step of production from milling whole grains to bottling occurs in their one room warehouse. Distilled from local organic rye and corn and aged a minimum of 7 months in new American Oak, this is one seriously tasty sippin’ whiskey. Quality control works!whiskey, drink, Brooklyn, Breukelyn Distillery, Red Hook, holidaysWith a palate of rich tropical fruit, honey notes and a spicy finish, it’s a perfect choice for high-octane seasonal favorites like Manhattans or Old Fashioneds, but our own preference is to pour four coppery fingers over a single oversized and slow-melting cocktail cube of ice. Just imagine the look of delight on Dad’s face when he pulls one of these bottles out of his stocking… almost makes up for the two decades of bad neckties you’ve given him.

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