Radio On The Real. First New York City Apartments.

Every New Yorker has a story about their first couple of New York City apartments. Well, we built this super bad-ass studio in Eve’s room for the recording of the first podcast of Radio On The Real to tell you about ours. We found inspiration from a Colson Whitehead quote about how the memories of your New York City apartments past should be treated and love the respect he throws at them all.

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We’re hoping the podcasts will be a great new forum to continue the discussion we start here on the website, but with 40% more profanity!  And we plan on having a different guest every episode, so if you’re into what we’re doing, we’d love your suggestions on some local characters who want to gab. The more colorful, the better! And tell us about your first couple of New York City apartments. We’d love to hear!

We'd love to hear what you think about this one.