Mondays with Lu. 1st Movie!

Well, not really. I tried one when she was just over a year old, but between the ridiculous number of trailers dragging on forever and an opening scene with real crocodiles roaring out of a bog to chomp realbaby zebras in half…it didn’t go so well. This morning, however, was a blast!

Madagascar 3 was the perfect fit for a first go at sitting still in a big dark and cold room for an hour and a half with a “giant iPad” in front of this almost three year old. Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and the gang continue to dazzle in the surprisingly funny and fresh 3rd installment of this animated franchise. Lu sat on my lap cracking up about every 30 seconds while she downed a half a bag of really terrible popcorn.   I’m quite sure that “Datdat daddle latta dat dat circus. Datdat daddle latta dat dat afro. Circus. Afro. Circus. Afro.” will be in our heads for weeks! This one becomes a staple in our house when in comes out on DVD for sure. Good stuff.

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