Jaguar XJS (1975-1996)

I’ve always loved me a good Jaguar and this particular version built in 1994 caught my eye/heart this morning in all of its rain-beaten and snow-covered glory. The Jaguar XJS was built between 1975 and 1996 in Coventry, England and was one of the very few grand touring cars to employ a big old 12-cylinder engine. And this baby hauled ass. It got to 60 miles per hour in about seven seconds and topped out at just under 150. What I always liked best about this blazing beauty is the long nose that gave it a kind of I’m-a-really-rich-dog-in-a-cartoon sort of quality. New, your were out between sixty and eighty grand if you wanted one. Now, you can probably put one in your driveway (or block) for 6 to 10. This particular one is a convertible, so you can just imaging the glorious feeling you’d get on a crisp fall afternoon top down blazing through the winding roads Dutchess County listening to something pretentious on its tape deck. jaguar xjs, east village, snow, greg mchale, jesse shafer, convertible, chad curlett, baltimore, falls roadAnd speaking of winding roads and tape decks, I remember following one Mr. Chad Curlett home when I was in high school on one of those crisp fall afternoons (or maybe it was a spring one) down Falls Road in Baltimore. I’m in my beat up ’82 Accord listening to R.E.M.’s Can’t Get There From Here and he’s in the Jaguar XJS he’d managed to procure from one of his parents on that particular day. I remember being so unbelievable pissed off when on a whim, he banged the accelerator, cranked the wheel and did a full-on and smoky donut right in the middle of that amazing strip of asphalt just south of Ruxton Road. My little hunk of tin wasn’t capable of something so beastly and cool, so I lit a Camel Light, took a swig of my Coke and piddled along in my soon-to-be-junked rice burner listening to an astoundingly great song. So there’s my nostalgia for the day. Happy Crappy Day!

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