The Cold Weather Companion. Fire.

It’s going to snow tonight. Remember snow, my fellow New Yorkers? If the weatherman is correct and I’m remembering correctly, it’s going to be the first sort-of-real accumulation so far this winter. So what to do on a snowy Friday night, friends? Fireplace!fire, fireplace warmth, cozy, winter, on the real
Well, you can always curl up in front of one of these. But you’re going to need some wood. If you’re not currently sporting any, don’t panic! This is New York. You can order some right now. Give this urban firewood delivery service a try. And if you lack a working fireplace in your 25′ wide brownstone, don’t despair. Let us recommend a few nice cozy joints where you can warm your bones: Shoolbred’s, Union Hall, Black Mountain Wine House, The Waverly Inn, The House, Hudson Bar & Books, Molly’s Pub & Shebeen, and Teddy’s Bar & Grill.

Have a fantastic snowy weekend, wherever you are.

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