Edifice Complex. The BAT.

When we’re trying to come up with fun ideas for future episodes of Real Property, they generally have to meet certain criteria.  The subject needs to have a real story. It should have a dynamic and compelling past, but it also needs to clearly have a future as well.  It is usually off the beaten path.  Most of all, it must captivate our imagination.  So there was pretty much an audible click when we discussed going out to Sunset Park to take a look at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, or BAT.

Designed by Cass Gilbert and built in 1919, BAT served as the largest military supply base in the United States through WWII. With over 52 acres of floor space, it was the largest individual building
in the world when it was completed.
It is truly massive and brutal, but also ghostly and beautiful.  We had a great time scouting the sprawling facility, and can’t wait to shoot an episode of Real Property there in June!

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