Dita (Not Von Teese).

In the summer of 2000, after wearing eyeglasses for about a decade, I finally decided to spring for a pair of prescription sunglasses. I headed over to what was then MyOptics on St. Mark’s Place and settled on a pair of classic aviator style frames made by a relatively new company called Dita. They were expensive as hell (like $600 all in), but I splurged and was damn happy I did. 13 summers later and those Dita’s are still my go-to shades for all four seasons. They’ve been swimming, water-skiing, roller-coastering, biking, boating and driving. They’ve been to LA, Montana, Mexico, Paris, Montreal, Texas and Tuscany. They are the best eyewear investment I have ever made. If you break it down, that’s only $46.13 per year for some of the coolest sunglasses this half of the OTR blogging duo has ever seen. And they’re not dead yet.sunglasses, eyeglasses, But, they did get a new big brother…The Dita Senator. I just about had a heart attack when I got the bill from that same store on St. Mark’s that’s now called Anthony Aiden Opticians. But, then I looked to my Dita shades and realized that I’ll have these things forever. Even though they are visually weighty in sort of a Malcolm X kind of way, these babies are like air, made of titanium and masterfully crafted. Like my sunglasses, I have to head-bang until my brain hurts to get them to even inch a little from their perch on the bridge of my nose and that, I’ve found, is the key to keeping a pair of glasses for a long period of time…keeping them on. You see, I’m not a fancy guy. I have one nice watch, my newest suit is eight years old, I ride a bike to get around and I really like to cook my own food…on a wood burning fire if at all possible. But, I firmly believe there’s no benefit in skimping on being able to see. And in the 13 years since I’ve had my sunglasses, I’ve had five different pairs of clear glasses. They get scratched and bent and twisted and all last a couple of years. Then you have to get a new pair. And another. The Vision Council says that the average pair of prescription glasses costs $253, so if I spent what the average four-eyed consumer spent, that’s $1,265 in eyewear or about double what I would have spent if I just went ahead and bought a killer pair of glasses to begin with. But, let’s face it, this is New York City. I don’t think $253 is realistic in this town. Sounds like I’m talking myself out of the sticker shock, huh? I probably am, but I don’t give a shit. I love my new Dita’s.

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