Date Night. Degustation.

Yesterday afternoon I was searching for someplace great to go with Lesa for dinner. Combing through the pages of Eater, I decided to have a look at their 20 of NYC’s Most Underrated Restaurants page and our old friend Degustation popped off the screen and into our plans for the night. Billed as a Franco-Spanish tapas bar by its owners Jack and Grace Lamb, Degustation is still going strong on East 5th Street between Second Avenue and Cooper Square after six years. Though you can order small plates like the amazing Fried Egg with Pork Belly or Seared Foie Gras, we have always opted for the chef’s tasting menu. We went for the $75 a head 10 course version and it rocked our world just as it did the last time we were there five years ago.

  • Seared Pork Belly as delivered.
  • The after was oddly just as beautiful.
Portions start off bite sized with things like and assortment of roasted peppers and vichyssoise with sea urchin and then escalate in size and richness as the meal goes on. Our favorite was the perfectly seared melt-in-your-mouth pork belly with roasted peanuts and diced heirloom tomatoes (see before and after shots), but the scallop and beautifully prepared braised short rib were not far behind. The chef’s counter at Degustation makes for a perfect experience for two people and I highly recommend that you get the wine pairing as Mr. Lamb is well-known for his attention to detail when choosing libations to go with his chef’s fantastic creations.

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