Post-Sandy, commute is a dirty word. With subways out of commission and people expected back to work, many New Yorkers have taken to the streets in cars and cabs. And no surprise, it’s unquestionably the worst traffic anyone has ever seen. Ever. The congested snarls stretch out for miles. Terrible enough if you have no power, if you have no gas, if you’ve suffered serious property damage or worse – you can’t even get to your job. As you’d expect, driving over a bridge in anything other than a bicycle is committing vehicular seppuku. So how does a person in the outer boroughs get to midtown? Our own solution this morning was to drive to nearby Dumbo to catch the East River Ferry, which has increased service to help cope with the road congestion. A tip of the cap to them for that. Take the boat to East 34th, and then there’s a shuttle bus to midtown. Ahoy, matey. It sucks, but everyone’s in it together.This has gotten me thinking about how incredibly delicate the city ecosystem really is, and moreover, how ridiculously hard this town works every day to provide the basic services I take for granted. That the trains will show up every few minutes to whisk me away. That I can raise my arm on a whim and catch a yellow cab. That I always have ample electricity and hot water. Not to be a Pollyanna in what for many has been a horrific Sandy shitshow, but today we’re feeling particularly grateful for our city’s pride and resilience, for its dependablilty, and for its collective unwillingness to stay home when there’s work to do.

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