Closing Gift. Tree Edition.

Jesse and I made a run out to Red Hook this morning to get a closing gift for good friends who just bought an apartment with a fantastic terrace through us.  Said gift was to be none other than an eight foot tall purple Thundercloud Plum Tree.  Amazing!  I had seen one a few weeks ago with my wife at a store in Williamsburg and knew it was the perfect gift for our buyers.  Well….the place in Red Hook (named after a neighborhood on the west side of downtown Manhattan) was charging $107.50 more for the tree than the place in Williamsburg!  So, we jumped in the car and went to….
SPROUT HOME.  44 Grand Street (between Kent & Wythe).  They have amazing things that grow, accessories that go with them, reasonable prices, and a super friendly staff.  If you are in the market for green things, inside or out, run, don’t walk to Sprout.

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