Closing gift. Canasta de la edición.

Despana at 410 Broome Street in Soho is a whole pile of Spain wrapped up into one!  Well, actually four.  We first discovered their food shop and tapas cafe a couple of years ago when we switched offices.  The food shop has a ridiculous selection of meats, cheeses, breads, olive oils, vinegars, olives and more.  Their tortilla bocadillos at the cafe are craveable and everything from the salads to soups to pintxos are made fresh daily.  Next door is their wine shop which has the largest selection of Spanish wines this side of the Atlantic and the most amazingly friendly staff to go with them.  If that’s not enough, they have a chorizo factory in Queens!  They have been making and distributing the spicy links there since 1971.  In short, this place is pretty incredible.  We got this gift basket for a chef client of ours who loves to entertain.  The folks at our revered Despana did a fantastic job of customizing it.  Thank you!

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