Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

Eve really enjoys the Children’s Museum of Art in Manhattan (so does Lulu), so I thought we’d give the Brooklyn Children’s Museum a whirl recently. The CMA is a winner because there’s tons of art projects to do, things to build and songs to sing…but I’d maintain that the BCM rocks because it’s all about running around. Just turn ‘em loose!tunnelThe exhibits are fully kid-immersive, with areas to learn about the properties of water (lotsa splashing), sound (lotsa crashing), natural habitats (lotsa…handling), and so on. We got wet, dirty, and a little sweaty and it was great. waterfun.comThere’s a section where they created a shrunken Epcot Center-style Brooklyn neighborhood– kids can go from mini storefront to mini-storefront buying rubber produce, tossing cloth pizzas, and making sock burritos. You know, all the things us Brooklyners do every single day. And of course, no city role-playing would be complete without boarding the model Brooklyn city bus and “driving” it. Witnessing Eve drive is proof positive that maintaining a legal driving age is sound policy.BusIn city terms, it’s a pretty enormous facility so for a little kid it probably seems like an endless amount of territory to explore. It certainly passed the fun test for my household, given that Eve passed out in the car on the way home. Success.

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